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Rural Literacy Solutions is a community-based organization in Tamale, Northern Region. It is non-compulsory and an extra-curricula education. This community-based organization is a practical response to the diagnosed high rate of illiteracy in Ghana especially the rural areas of the Northern part of the country. It is also a contribution towards the realization of Sustainable Development Goals, precisely Goal 4, which is to “ENSURE INCLUSIVE AND EQUITABLE QUALITY EDUCATION AND PROMOTE LIFE-LONG LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL.”

The causes of the high illiteracy rate among other things include factors such as:

  1. Teacher deficit
  2. Lack of infrastructure
  3. Lack of appreciation for literacy

The long term effect of the high illiteracy rate is that it brings a barrier to continuing education and employment opportunities in these societies. This is what makes the intervention of Rural Literacy Solutions necessary.

In carrying out our activities, we are working in conjunction with head teachers, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Districts Assemblies and other relevant stakeholders such as community VIP’s, like chiefs and elders.

What We Do

Currently, Rural Literacy Solutions is running a reading clinic with basic schools in rural
societies in the Northern Part of Ghana. This reading clinic is formed to help rural students
gain adequate literacy skills and to increase the opportunity to learn. Our task is to equip basic
school students in rural communities with the ability to:

1. Read
2. Write
3. To compute.


Reading is an essential component of education however most rural students are deprived due
to so many factors including teacher deficit. Studies have shown that, Reading is the greatest
component of education, before one can speak fluent English you should be able to read
fluently, all subjects in school including mathematics demands reading and understanding.
Thus Rural Literacy Solution helps students that have registered to join, to be able to read
books within their level.


Our reading clinic also aims at teaching students to be able to write essay compositions, this is
also aimed at helping them to improve their ability to spell words.


This has to do with numeracy skills, the reading clinic helps the young students to develop
mathematical skills so as to propel them overcome future arithmetic difficulties.
In order to equip beneficiaries with the above mentioned skills, we are focused on teaching them English Language, Mathematics, Science and Citizenship Education.
We are also dedicated to their Physical, Cognitive and Social Development and as well
communication skills, as a result we intend to incorporate other activities such as Drama and
cultural activities.

Mission Statement

The mission of Rural Literacy Solutions is to aid rural development in Ghana through education by helping rural students to develop literacy skills in reading, writing and numeracy.


Specific Objectives of the organization are as follows

1. Increase fluency in reading and verbal communication
2. Increase confidence in writing
3. Motivation to use the library

Core Values

2. Hard work
3. Commitment

Rural Literacy Solutions