How our After school Literacy Club at Kanvilli Nuriya Primary School Used Empatico NNSTOY Fellowship to spark Empathy and helped developed their School Community.

Empatico and NNSTOY Empathy in your backyard fellowship has seen Kanvilli Nuriya Primary School Literacy Club members  travelled to Ireland on different occasions without even having passports. The fellowship brought the world closer to the Kids as they have learned a lot through the fellowship. They have learned about Irish traditional foods, Irish festivals like the St Patrick’s Day, They have also learned about some important landmarks of their partner school town, Waterford. They also learned about the Irish flag and what each color meant on the Irish flag.
The fellowship also helped the kids to use good sanitation and hygiene to fight malaria in the kanvilli community of Tamale, northern Ghana. Malaria has been one of the common diseases affecting children in Northern Ghana. Malaria is a disease cause by the bite of mosquitoes. Our Literacy class came out with an in-service project to prevent mosquitoes from breeding since malaria is caused by these mosquitoes. Mosquitoes normally breed well in dirty environments. So they  came out with a project call keep Kanvilli community and clean.
Through the headteacher of Kanvilli Nuriya school and the school parent teacher association, the parents were called to a meeting in the school. Rural Literacy Solutions team and the club used the opportunity to sensitized the parents on the dangers of malaria and how dirty environment breeds mosquitoes, hence the need to keep their environment clean to prevent these mosquitoes from breeding. They also came out with a timetable to do clean up exercise for the Kanvilli Community streets and some popular places like the community mosque, church and the community traditional leader palace to keep the kanvilli community clean in order to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Rural Literacy Solutions team were proud the Kanvilli Nuriya Literacy club were able to keep the school community clean, We are very proud of the kids accomplishment.
The Empathy in your backyard fellowship has helped the kids to learn about the importance of cooperation. They have learned when people are united and come together they can make a lot of difference in the world.
The kids were also grateful for the cooperation of their partner class in Ireland and ther teacher Mr Trystan for helping them to learn and to understand the world more through the collaboration with them.
Overall they have learned that the world is a global village because they shared a lot of similarities for most of the things they  learned from their partner class. They were also happy for being able to make a difference in the Kanvilli community, and they are hoping to continue ‘The Keep Kanvilli Clean Project’ when schools resumes again.


By: Peter Amoabil